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Ceravine DermaShell™ Mask Pack

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Ceravine DermaShell Mask Pack









DermaShellTM Technology + Vitamin B3 = Ultimate Soothing + Whitening











Silk Fibroin DermaShell | Silk Fibroin Derma Shell’s β-pleated sheet structure strongly attracts water molecules, forming a secondary molecular structure. Water molecules bound to silk fibroin form a moisture film that prevents moisture loss from dry skin.




Vitamin B3(Niacinamide)Niacinamide has several proposed medicinal applications in the skin including whitening, anti-inflammation, prevention of photoimmunosuppression and increased intercellular lipid synthesis.









*DermaShell : Our natural cosmetic ingredient Derma Shell, refined into an aqueous state from high quality cocoons sourced from the crystal clean Songnisan Mountains, is the first cosmetic-application liquid silk fibroin to be developed.